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The acts or conditions of rejoicing greatly.


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A space to share my thoughts, processes, invocations, prayers, art.. or whatever else I feel the need to celebrate.

By christopher, Mar 6 2017 04:56AM

Blood of Iron

and Bones of Pearl.

Fire on the Head

and Tongue of Truth.

Gaze that Pierces

and Hands that Spin & Measure;

Cut and Weave.

Skin of Smoke

and Kiss of Honey.

Thunder's Dance

and Peacock's Strut.

Warrior's Shout

and Child's Cry.

These the Marks of the Faerie Kin

as they Set the Stars to Spin.

~Christopher Angelo

By christopher, Feb 11 2017 11:56AM

Arise, arise you sleeping beauties

Arise, arise take up your shields

Clear the sleep from your open eyes

Come to us 'cross hill and field

Stand with us against all lies

The sword of honor and truth to wield

Arise, arise you sleeping beauties

Arise, arise take up the round

Dance with us in streets and byways

As we raise fists and stand the ground

Once more we join in ancient ways

Each gain lost shall now be found

Inspired by something I had said, Karina Blackheart wrote the above poetic invocation. You see, I had said to forget going Under Mound it was time for our Kin to come storming back from the Halls of the Forgotten and reclaim what is Ours.. a world of Artists, of Beauty, of Love, of Honor & Truth.

With politics the way they are right now, the job of the Witch and our Kin is to speak Truth To Power. It is to stand with the disenfranchised and the oppressed. It is to call down the Powers of Heaven to fight the Servants of Evil.. and make no mistake, those that would destroy the Land, those that would ignore the treaties with the Sovereign Native Peoples, those that support the systematic destruction and oppression of Black Lives, those that would legislate against Queer people, those who pay women pennies on the dollar compared to men.. these people are Evil.. and it is our job to stand against them.

Arise, Arise!

~Christopher Angelo

By christopher, Jan 31 2017 11:43PM

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” —Exodus, 20:3

“Thou art God. Thou art Goddess.” —Liturgical affirmation, The Church of All Worlds

“God is self and self is God and God is a person like myself.” —Victor Anderson

"I see the God in you." —India Arie

By christopher, Jan 30 2017 06:00PM

Happy Sixth Feri-versary!

Six years ago today I underwent a rite that poured gold into the fractured parts of me.. healing me & making me stronger and more beautiful. I thank my initiators & those who went before them. I honor Victor and Cora.. and I recommit myself to being an embodiement of the F(a)eri(e) Current in the world.

Now, more than ever, we Witches are Called to Speak Truth To Power and to use our Craft for the betterment of our Selves & our Communities.


By christopher, Aug 29 2016 09:35PM

Diana the Huntress

Guillaume Seignac


I've been working a bit with a prayer/exercise from Francesca DeGrandis. It is a beautiful and powerful working for times when we need comfort and solace. Francesca describes this as "An exercise in passion, prayer and visualization."

Here are the words:


enfold me in your embrace.

Comfort me in the wailing of my heart and the sorrow that wracks my back and chest.

Let YourSelf shine down upon me: Your Moon Self.

Hold me.

Be with me.

Let me feel your loving presence.

Send the Bird of Heaven to me, to enter my heart and fill me with your Spirit.

But as with all things, the words are only the first hint of the Mystery. The visualization that goes along with this should be fairly obvious.. the Goddess Diana, comforting and holding you in those body-wracking moments of sorrow and pain.

This visualization and prayer done before Kala has been intensely powerful for me.. bathing my sorrow in the love of the goddess before putting it "into the cup" and transforming it from Sorrow into Light and drinking that Power back into my body & spirit.

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