Christopher Angelo

A F(a)eri(e) In The City...


about christopher

The paths to Faerie are winding ones.. be they in wild woods or neon lit alleys. Here we celebrate the Ecstacy and Magic of the City. Here, in the rumble of subways and the buzzing of thousands of lives is the heartbeat of the City.. listen close.. and find your way to Faerie and the Divine.

Christopher Angelo is an Initiate of the Anderson F(a)eri(e) Tradition, a Rootworker and a Reiki Practitioner.  


He is currently offering in person Feri training with an emphasis on working with the Pentacles & developing a personal relationship with the Feri Gods & Guardians. He takes a practical and simple approach to embodying his Craft and Magic. Christopher was initiated by Storm Faerywolf and Valerie Walker and his methods and work have been strongly influenced by both BlueRose and Dust Bunny lineages and methodologies. For more information please see the F(a)eri(e) page.


In addition to his Feri work, Christopher has been exploring the Hoodoo and Conjure roots of Feri. He has graduated from the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo + Rootwork Course, and has had great success incorporating Rootwork into his spiritual practices. For more information please see the Rootwork page.


Christopher is also a certified Reiki Practioner, having recieved his Advanced Reiki attunement for in-person and distance healing. For more information please see the Reiki page.